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It's never, just jaw pain, is it?  I understand that and strive to educate you on self relief for TMJ pain, TMJD, headaches, neck pain or stiffness, sinus pressure, tooth pain, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), grinding and clenching. Muscles are a part of all of this. And muscles are something you can address at home with proper training.

At Help Head Pain I strive to give a non-invasive and low cost solution for anyone with head, neck or jaw pain. Through both of the two course options you'll learn to:

  • Identify tight muscles that cause pain in the head, neck and jaw

  • How to perform self-massage techniques to relieve muscle and joint pain

  • How to use stretching and stabilization techniques for tight and tense muscles so range of motion improves

  • Habits to start or stop to break the pain cycle 

  • The role airway and tongue placement play in head, neck and jaw pain

The course "Self Help to Relieve Head, Neck & Jaw Pain" includes neck stretches, neck and upper back stabilization, postural alignment lessons, and you get lifetime access. 

The course "Relieve Your Jaw Pain" includes a relaxing face massage routine and a bonus lesson on moving safely. Access for that one is 180 days.

"Self Help to Relieve Head, Neck & Jaw Pain"

Lifetime access for this course

This anchor course includes: Self massage, stretching & stabilization for the jaw, upper shoulders and neck. Habits to adjust. Posture lesson. Airway and tongue involvement. Advice on seeing other professionals.

$80 for lifetime access.
Massage head for headache

"Relieve Your Jaw Pain"

180 day access for this course

This course is jaw pain and headache specific. This course includes: Self massage, stretching & an extra stabilization technique for the jaw and one neck zone. A flowing jaw and face massage routine. Habits to adjust. A lesson on moving safely. Airway and tongue involvement. Advice on seeing other professionals.

$65 for 180 days of access.
Lady massaging chin pain

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Feedback from a dentist

As a dentist, I have referred my patients who suffer from TMD or jaw pain, as well as those who deal with chronic head and neck pain to Katie. The feedback from my patients has been wonderful and I have noticed the changes with my patients firsthand.

Personally, it wasn’t until I came across Katie that I found relief from my own chronic migraines. I’ve suffered since I was a kid and have been to many doctors, tried different medications, chiropractic work and other massage therapists. With consistent massage from Katie we were able to eliminate my migraines and manage my headaches.

--Christina Shaw, DDS

Get relief when you need it most!

  • Save time

    No missed time off work and no travel hassles.

  • Save money

    No co-pays or insurance red tape. In fact, all online courses cost less than one office visit.

  • Relieve pain

    Get relief when you need it most from the comfort of your home or office.

  • Doctor approved

    Many doctors acknowledge the importance of treating muscle pain but often lack time or expertise to treat muscle pain.


Licensed Massage Therapist

Katie Pudhorodsky

I'm the massage therapist who treats and educates the public on head, neck, & jaw pain (TMD). The dental and myofunctional community refer to me to address soft tissue pain and dysfunction of the craniofacial area. Since licensure in 2002 I’ve assisted at a massage therapy school and continuing education program both teaching neuromuscular therapy. My training in this field even included a physical therapy level class for TMD. Follow me on Instagram @help_head_pain TX LMT #104926


Grateful to Katie

Traci C.

The first thing you'll notice about Katie is how passionate she is about helping you through TMJ and other pain! She really knows her stuff, and she breaks it down for you in easy-to-understand bits. She gives you the tools and inspiration you need to find some relief, and I'm so grateful for her!

She did what my ENT couldn't!

Sarah R.

I came to Katie because of exploding headaches starting in my eyes. She found a neck muscle was sending pain into my face and ears. Katie taught me how to stretch that muscle and stabilize my upper neck to reduce the pain. I didn’t think massage could address the long history of ear issues I’ve had since I was a kid. She did what my ENT couldn’t!

Thanks for the neck help

Sallie A.

I have very painful arthritis in my neck as well as fusions on C 5&6. I see Katie for hands on massage and attended her in person class. She is more knowledgeable than anyone I have ever had work on me. The photos she uses in her course helped me understand what changes I should be making.

That's where my tongue should be!?!

Gail M.

I had no idea where my tongue should be positioned in my mouth until I took Katie's course! Her tips helped me address some of my clenching habit. I learned so much from Katie's course about the causes of my jaw and neck pain and how to relieve it. Extremely helpful.

The work helped my headaches!

Hunter R.

When I first started seeing Katie, I had regular headaches around the temple area, pain in my right jaw joint, and felt ringing in my ears. Katie was able to identify what muscles were causing the pain and worked on those areas to relieve the tension. She showed me how to do some simple self-massage exercises to do at home to prevent headaches. In a short time, my headaches subsided and I even noticed my bite started evening out again.

John McInnis

Before I met Katie I was barely able to smile without my temples feeling very uncomfortable. I was so used to it that I barely thought about it, I just smiled as little as possible. After she worked on my jaw for 2 sessions, I could smile without any pain anywhere on my face. Katie taught me the skills for self-massage and identified habits that I needed to adjust at home so I could maintain the relief. Amazing results!

Disclaimer: This course is for informational purposes only. You should not rely on it for a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Lifetime access refers to access as long as the course is alive on the web.